Out of Tragedy, Something Beautiful

Casey Gauntt never imagined he would be on this road, but on August 9, 2008, his world was forever changed. While walking home, his son, Jimmy, was accidentally struck by a motorist and killed.

As Casey struggled to deal with his son’s tragic death, he received a letter that Casey’s father, who died in 1970, had written to him in 1968 – a letter Casey had never seen before.  In the letter, Casey’s father told him, “I’ll be around anytime you want me.” Receiving this letter just months after losing his son, Casey knew it was a gift that was meant to help him and his family. Casey began sharing the story of the letter and writing down his experiences.

Casey put his writings online and started the website Write Me Something Beautiful as a tribute to Jimmy,  but the website is not just for Casey and his family. Some of Jimmy’s friends and others who have suffered loss have shared on the website  their own stories of grief and connection. The stories somehow help them, says Casey.

Casey can be contacted at CaseyGauntt@WriteMeSomethingBeautiful.com.

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