Allen Matkins Attorneys Represent Parents in Successful Adoption Hearings

Attorneys in the Los Angeles office of Allen Matkins teamed with Public Counsel to represent adoptive parents in four adoptions proceedings in Los Angeles County Children’s Court. On April 13, 2012, Marissa Dennis, Eleanor Ord, Sarina Saluja, Andrea Schoor, and Jennifer Shakouri appeared with the families at hearings before the Honorable Judge John Henning of the Children’s Court, and successfully finalized six adoptions for four adopting families.

Jennifer Shakouri, who initiated the project, and Susan Maunu, government specialist at Allen Matkins, coordinate adoption matters through Public Counsel Law Center, the largest pro bono law office in the nation. The adoption cases handled by Allen Matkins involve children in the foster care system who have been abused or neglected by their biological parents and are now being adopted.

Prior to appearing with the families at the adoption finalization hearings, the attorneys coordinated the adoption process with the adoptive parents, filed the necessary legal documents to finalize the adoptions, and advocated for certain of the adoptive children with special needs to obtain services and funding. The adoptions were finalized at the Children’s Court’s Adoptions Day on April 13th, and were heard in the same courtroom. It was a memorable day for all involved.

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